Sunday, February 18, 2007

manuel antonio

Now on the Pacific Coast. In the place where there are ¨more monkeys than humans¨¨ -- though I haven´t yet seen a monkey.

I did see dolphins. Lots of them. Up close. Plus flying fish. And I mean flying. Like, they fly like little birds for great distances across the water. And we saw manrays jump. And I snorkeled and fish bit at my fingers. Bright-colored fish. This was on a sunset sail.

All has not been perfect. I lost a bag with my iPod and some over-priced Cuban cigars and, worst of all, a chip with a couple of hundred pictures (including those of Allie and I covered in chocolate). But there´s still hope of reclaiming it, I left it on my chartered bus.

Too much to report, really. We´re in a funky little town called Quepos. Last night we ate in a restaurant made out of a plane that was part of the Iran-Contra scandal. We spent time on the beach, of course. Tomorrow we meet monkeys and sloths on some sort of jungle cable sliding adventure.

(BTW, I´ve caught a little of the news back home. I think it was Glorioso and Riederer. At any rate, it totally backfired, and paid off for us. Go funk!)


Marko said...


I spoke last Tuesday to Keith about your wedding... he promises to get me pictures! Again, my regrets about not being able to make it out.

Heartfelt congratulations to you both! Pam and I look forward to seeing you out here in Boulder again - this time with Allie... your wife.

Flying fish, and airplane hotels and stolen photos of the happy couple covered in chocolate... oh my!!

Much love.

trAcy said...

of COURSE you lost the chocolate photos!

seriously, i hope you found your stuff. another friend of mine lost all her photos/footage in costa rica in december (due to theft).

but, if you're leaving things behind, you must truly be in honeymoon-mode.

(PS, flying fish are my favorite.)

joe said...


Thanks for the nice post. It seriously cheered me up about the lost bag. I never thought of the honeymoon mode angle. Very good point.