Monday, February 05, 2007

winding down

I'm supposed to be out of campaign mode, but I had to see the whole poodle scheme through. It paid off: The Maria video was picked up nationally on and onegoodmove.

And, best of all, all this was newsy enough to get the Star to mention it on their blog, along with a link to the official campaign site, which has many more substantive videos waiting. The hit count's been going up.

And best of best of all, this is in addition to news that came out yesterday that our candidate is firmly in place to clear the 12-candidate primary and into the general election -- due, I suppose, to the hip campaign we've been running.

So now it's time to get married and go to Costa Rica.

1 comment:

trAcy said...

i don't see enough wedding mode!
come on, mister,
it's tomorrow night!