Tuesday, March 13, 2007

council candidates

I went to a candidate forum tonight at UMKC and finally got to hear some City Council candidates speak. The local media does a good job covering the mayor's race, but not so much the various races for city council. It's understandable; there's just so damn many of them. But still. How we gonna know who to vote for?

Go to forums.

Based on a handful of two-minute responses, my picks are:

4th District, at large - Doug Gamble
He nailed it on a question about economic development on the east side.

3rd District, at large - Dee Williams
This is based solely on the fact that she's NOT endorsed by Freedom, Inc., and because she's friends with some folks I trust and respect deeply. Her answers about TIF were on point, and she seemed really sincere in her desire to do good.

5th District, at large - Michael Brooks
Hed also had the right answers about development on the east side. He showed he really understood how the game is rigged, and what needs to be done to make it fair. And he had this really cool leader air about him. I instantly felt confidence in him.

6th District, at large - Cathy Jolly
Duh. Everybody's going to vote for her.

And, if this were a perfect world, and dreams could come true, Michael Porter would crush Terry Riley in the general. Porter seems like a regular guy, not an arrogent, bald, sexist asshole who think's he's going to be mayor pro tem, but is going to have a rude awakening on March 27.

The sad thing is, I have a hunch none of these folks will win, except for Cathy Jolly.

Oh well. What can you do?

All of you. All 50 or so of you who read this and are registered to vote in KC. VOte for the people I listged above. You can trust me. They're aight.


Anonymous said...


I'm still interested in what you were going to write about Al Riederer. You made reference to having something further to say about him in your previous post. I'm fairly intruiged at his apparent flip-flop in endorsing Al Brooks after he went on and on during the primary season about changing things up at City Hall. It was a fairly disappointing move. You know anymore on why he did what he did?

Jameson in KC said...

i just subscribed to your blog so i'm no familiar...
i'd love to trust you but there aren't any details... i have no details about the candidates here! but thanks for reporting on the event i knew nothing about, however. :)

Eric said...

I mostly agree with your picks except for Michael Porter. I think Cindy Circo blows him away. She's very passionate, knowledgeable of all the issues, and very approachable.

No disrespect to Porter, but given the city's history I think it's a bad idea to have clergy involved in politics.

Adam said...

In a nutshell, what's the "right" answer for east-side development?

Eric: Porter isn't running against Circo. She's running in the at-large race; Porter is an in-district candidate.

Anonymous said...

Porter isn't a preacher, you have your folks all mixed up. Maybe you think that all Black Folks look alike.

Anonymous said...

You dont want Riley in - so Porter is the man. Riley is divisive and obnoxious and exactly what we don't need in city hall right now. We need people that want to get stuff done. Joe's right on with all the picks, and humble to boot . . . there's at least 52 of us who read this blog.
Just vote already.

Eric said...

Sorry, I had Porter and Michael Brooks switched in my head. And they don't look anything alike. My bad.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that about Porter over Riley. Sexist, arrogant ... not really qualities I look for in my elected officials.

joe said...
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joe said...
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Waldo Oiseau said...

Joe - such an informative blog. Really, as a result of reading your blog a few times just recently, I attended my first forum (the one that was between Funkhouser and Brooks) at the Central Library. Funkhouser has my vote and I am furiously looking into your recommendations on the council. Your entries on married life are a nice touch, too. :)