Tuesday, March 27, 2007

take us to funky town!

The above video was made by a local artist who was so inspired by Funk's campaign he made a portable house out of yard signs and took pictures of it all over the city.

It's stuff like that that's made this campaign positively awesome.

So click play, let the funky beat send you dancing to the polls, and pass it on to a few friends.

Today is the one day when we have the power to bring about a change.



Anonymous said...

Great video and good luck. I love the way you have embraced the name. It works, and it has been fun to see a grassroots campiagn take off.


btyfrd said...

Congratulations on the win!

Great job on the campaign.

trAcy said...

hey there, master of media! ; )

seriously, congratulations.

now, the thing is to figure out how to serve not only the 42,631 people who did vote for M.F., but also the 41,621 who did not.

can we get the governor to make A.B. a kcpd police commissioner? is that too powerless of a role? he talked about the mayor's position on that board. . . is there a cabinet position for "coalition builder/education fixer/systemic-crime-cause addresser?"

i can't wait to see how staff turns out all around. . .

have a great night.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, but two things...

1) Such a terrible role model for the children of KCMO with that cigar on live tv!

2) I would have voted for Funk (am in KCK for tuition reasons at KU), but the party did look awfully white...

Congrats again

Makkyla said...


Congratulations! Now maybe you can return some of your friends' phone calls/emails! (It's urgent, I need your help getting approval for a TIF in my area)



Brad said...

It's a new day in KC. Congrats on a big win!