Saturday, March 31, 2007

puppy power

Allie and I are trying to find a home for yet another fur orphan. Her name's Sadie. She's a puppy.

Last week we were walking our beasts when a car pulled to a stop beside us. The driver leaned out the window and asked if we'd like a puppy. If not, the driver said, she was going to take it to the park up the road and leave it there.

Not much deliberation on that one, as you might well imagine. In an instant Allie was leading an awkward, big-pawed mutt on a little leash.

Of course the first challenge was negotiating the whole arrangement with Gobo, our biter. I, being a complete and total idiot, decided that the best plan was to have the dogs meet right there on the sidewalk.

Bad move. because as soon as our canine demon got within striking range he had his fangy jaw clamped around the puppy's neck. I had to kick and punch him with all my might to keep him from killing her. As I rushed home to lock Gobo up and get the car for a trip to the emergency vet I heard the poor little thing squeeling with terror as it quivered in Allie's lap.

But there was no damage, thank god, and a friend of ours agreed to take her in until we found a home. And today we went all over town hanging up fliers and showing the floppy little scrub off.

Which woulda been great were it not March and unusually windy. I can't hardly breathe for all the polen. Why does the most highly anticipated time of year have to be accompanied by misery?

But I digress. Puppy power! If you want some, drop me a line.


trAcy said...

Ugh, I wish you had gotten the lame human's license plate and/or name. . .I feel like berating her. What the f-kind of methodology is this:

"Hmm, I have a puppy I don't want, so I'll drive around and look for pro-dog people for a while, and if I don't find anyone, I'll DUMP the animal out to fend for itself in the urban wild."

Real responsible. Maybe she was just making an empty threat?

Seems like I should be running a classified ad:

"Have a dog you can't stand anymore and are too lazy to shelter properly? Give it to me and I'll take on the responsibilty of getting it to a no-kill place and paying for its care. Please note that this will happen after I've yelled at you about how bad you were to get "stuck" with a beast you couldn't handle in the first place. Best case scenario, I'll be cool like Joe and Allie and try to find a home for it myself."

Angry thoughts. Even in face of such a cute, cute dog.

Wish I knew someone who could have a puppy. Fact is, dogs, as you know, are a handful. Too many people take it too lightly.

It's national "buy a rabbit you can't care for either" week, too.

And I hate (radical) PETA.

But I hate dumb humans even more.

trAcy said...

Hmm, maybe the new mayor needs a City Hall puppy? One for home, one for at work?
Make a video! : )

Lisa Coleman said...

Joe - I know a few people who are considering getting a dog. I passed this along to them.

Congrats, by the way, on the victory. You almost popped my "F" balloon hat the other night with your cigar (at Beaumont).

Lisa Coleman
(the one who lugged around the Funk signs on vacation)

Allie said...

Hi all,
Sadie has found a home with a very nice couple in Midtown who have a big house and a fenced-in yard. They pick her up on Friday! I had a feeling she wouldn't be available for long because she's so damn cute.
Tracy, I undersand your frustration with people who just get puppies on a whim and then get rid of them. The idea that someone would dump her in a park was awful - but I'm not sure if she really would have or not.
After the problems we have had with our neighbors, though, who still harass us six months later re: our having animal control pick up their chained, neglected, filthy, unneutered male pit bull who escaped, I am kind of thankful that some bad pet owners actually recognize that they do not have the time/money/dedication to properly care for an animal and actually give it up.
Not that I'm in any way excusing the irresponsible behavior...

Lisa Coleman said...


My girlfriend and her husband want more info on the dog. Why don't you email me w/your contact information and we can talk. They're a good family, fenced backyard, live right by Mark and Gloria.


Lisa Coleman

Michelled said...

Sounds like a good post to plug my org: Please contact me with any questions. We have been working very hard the last year to make things better for dogs/people in KC and need more people to get involved. We also helped get some good people elected into office ;-) (See our political page)