Sunday, April 08, 2007


Guy Fieri, of Food Network fame, spent some time this week with some of my Indiana kin.

Here's the lede from the story in today's Elkhart Truth:
GOSHEN -- Guy Fieri tried a forkful of Carol Miller's peanut butter pie.

He was elated, to use a $5 word.

But he doesn't use $5 words.

The Food Network star said, "I just had the peanut butter pie. It was out of bounds, man. I don't like sweets, but that pie was smokin'."

The Carol Miller in question is none other than my grandma.

He was in Goshen filming a segment for his show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, which premieres later this month.

Grandma's reaction?
"I think he likes pie," Mrs. Miller said.

It's all very exciting.

Still, I'm a little disturbed. I don't recall ever eating this pie. What gives, Grams? Is it my fault for missing out? Or have you been saving it for a moment of fame?


DKC said...

as press secretary to the Funk I respectfully suggest that you have earned pie... I will vouch for you...

MAWG said...

OK, Joe, you're about the 10th person who got the same (wrong) impression. Grams had ordered a piece of the pie and it was sitting on the table when he sat down. She offered him a bite of piece - even gave him her fork - but she didn't make the pie.

Your Gramma does make a mean pb pie, although Pete will tell you (as he told Nora this afternoon) she hasn't made it in years.

I don't think the author ever imagined that readers would think he meant she had baked it.