Friday, April 13, 2007

the joe miller foundation

After watching Frontline/World this week, I hopped on the Kiva webvsite intending to spend $100. But my donations kept not showing up on my portfolio page, so I kept resubmitting, so I wound up actually donating $175. A good thing, probably.

So it is my distinct honor to introduce you to the recipients of my initial foray into venture capitalism:

Novrasta Tagiyeva, Azerbaijan

Jocqueson Alexi, Haiti

Previlus Adeline, Haiti

Philoude, Haiti

Rosenie Louis, Haiti

Alejandrina Contreras, Honduras

John kipkoech Tallam, Kenya

I can see myself doing this often. I'd like to have a monthly allotment for this sort of thing. And I think it's very doable.


Robyne said...

makes you feel good since a US $ goes pretty far in developing nations. How about spending some of that money in the 3rd district of KC to improve economic activity in the ViableThird.

joe said...

I do! Money and time.