Monday, May 21, 2007

let me see your grill

On Saturday, I was presented with the 2007 William Rockhill Nelson Award for nonfiction. I was also presented with a $500 check, so the next day I headed off to Home Depot to buy one of those gigantic gas grills.

So I marched into the big orange box on Metcalf, in the strip-mall heart of Johnson County, ready to bag my capitalist prey: a Weber Genesis E-320. I'd been eyeing that green-and-chrome bastard for the better part of a month. Now it was finally mine.

As luck would have it, they had an assembled model all ready to go. All I had to do was wheel it through check out and load it into the hatchback.

Then something amazing happened.

As I pushed that grill through the store, every man I passed stopped in his tracks and watched me go by.

One man said, "That's a mighty nice looking grill." Another: "I'm coming to your place for dinner tonight." They all smiled at me, small smiles that seemed to say

God, I wish I had a grill like that!


Reminds me of when I got my grill... what a day that was!


Isn't it great to be a man?!

It was touching. I actually got a little verklempt.

I think it's going to be a good summer.


Anonymous said...

Before you do something drastic like keeping the Weber you owe it to yourself to go to Smoke n Fire and talk to them about your needs. They have grills that are much better and burn hotter than your Weber. They are also locally owned and actually know what they sell and what they are talking about. It would be worth your time and man envy would fall on you like rain.

DKC said...

can I come over?

MAWG said...

Ahh... the perfect cure for my sissy lawnmower.

trAcy said...

no kc-local shopping? johnson county big box?

use of fossil fuels?

guess you saved enough while biking. . . .and were itching to use your car for something. : )

joe said...

I did JoCo because we had to hit two other stores that are only in the burbs. So to save gas, we lined them all up on the map and went southwest.

Anonymous said...

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