Tuesday, May 29, 2007

pretty colors

Allie has gotten majorly creative lately. Her first order of business: Bring color to our porch.



(When finished, that window will hang on one end of the porch, blocking out the neighbors we don't like.)

Looks pretty cool, doncha think?


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe - I am writing a book about Coach John Wooden and wanted to send you an email. The last address I have for you no longer works. Can you send me your updated email? mike_harrity@yahoo.com. Thanks! Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

I am a KCK native writing a book about Coach John Wooden. We spoke a few years ago and I was hoping to catch up by email. The last address I have for you doesn't work. Can you email me: mike_harrity@yahoo.com. Thanks! Mike

bridget said...

Very nice! This talk of politics and work is all fine and good, but I was really missing your garden pictures. What did Allie use on the window? We have new neighbors and could possibly use a little more privacy.

joe said...

She used window paints, purchased at a hobby store.

Lynn said...

That window looks like it will be beautiful... I may have to do something similar.