Tuesday, May 15, 2007

second thoughts

A funny thing happened when I rode my bike to work. I lost my car keys.

And I didn't have a spare set. And my car was parked behind Allie's, so neither of us could drive anywhere until I got a key, which didn't happen until late this afternoon.

So I took the bus to work today, and it was more than a little fun, so now Allie and I are thinking about getting rid of my car and just sharing hers.

The financial benefits are obvious. In total, I probably spend more than $500 a month on transportation. That's almost double my paert of the mortgage.

Plus, busing and biking is pretty fun, at least from my neighborhood. For $40 a month, I can go door-to-door home to work and back again in a little more than 30 minutes a day. And, when it's nice out, I get to bike on Cliff Drive.

Hell, that alone is worth $500 a month.


MAWG said...

I've been telling you, man: Biking's the thing. You're striking a blow against big oil and global warming all at the same time, and it's good for your heart and legs.

Plus, it's harder to become part of an oligarchy on a bicycle seat. It's all good.

Heidi said...

Hooray for losing car keys!

Next I would love it if you could get Funk to commit to busing it on some kind of regular basis. I would like to see the mayor commit to doing all of his duties by transit one day a week, a month, picked randomly. Then if his schedule can't be accommodated by transit, maybe it will help highlight the need for improved transit (not just light rail).

Make sure you can do that 40 bucks pre-tax through the city. Or WAY better yet--make sure the city is charging more for parking and paying for employee bus passes to encourage transit ridership and less need for parking downtown. (I believe they were once underwriting more for employee parking each month per employee than for bus passes, but I would need to verify that since I can't remember exactly.) Let me know if you need more info/a contact.

Eric said...

ah, addicted already? resistance is futile.

DKC said...

I would hold off on that decision until you've been in the new job for at least three months. You may find from time to time that you need to be someplace in this far-flung city in a relative hurry. Give it some time.

trAcy said...

But you get sweaty and rained on, and if you have to "look nice" or wear a suit, you're slightly s.o.l. Ditto for getting from one Kansas City border to the opposite in a timely fashion.

I'm not against bikes, I love to walk, and you know I hassle with the bus from time to time already, but in this city at least not using a car is the most impractical method of travel for anyone who makes more than a single, two-way commute per day for their job.

pablo said...

I've started walking to work out here in Overland Park. I live about two miles from the office, so the walk is easy. And in the mornings, it's pleasant. But I worry about the heat of the summer, and in the winter, I'm not sure the bitter cold will be worth fighting through. Still, it's nice not filling the gas tank on the big truck once a week. And the exercise is doing me good. I'll stick with it as long as I can.