Thursday, May 03, 2007

true power

My wife is more powerful than the mayor of Kansas City.

It's true.

Today, at a meeting in the mayor's office we were working out the protocol for how to deal with press inquiries at night and on weekends, I sheepishly said, "Um, but Allie said she doesn't want me bringing my Blackberry along on dates."

To which Hizzoner leaned forward and declared, "Well, anything Allie says trumps me!"

And he was serious.

Toward the end of the day he called me into his office said, in no uncertain terms, my little family comes first.

Not a bad boss.


KC Sponge said...

Your blog is where I first saw the campaign commercials and where I first thought, hey - this guy could be pretty cool. I would check in here to see how things were going with Funk, and enjoyed many snippets of your life while gaining confidence in the man I finally knew for whom I was voting. Now I look forward to getting more little insights like this into the man that is running our city. Thanks.

Gloria said...

Yes, he still means what he says Joseph Miller.

Now, get off your computer and go give your wife 12 reasons she should remain married to you today.