Saturday, August 04, 2007


For the folks back home...

There was an article about me in today's paper.

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Deidre said...

Mr. Miller,

Heard about Cross-X on NPR last year and finally got around to reading it cover to cover on a flight this week. NEXT week will be purchasing 3 copies to give to family and friends. Why did I wait so long to read it?

I am "Suzy's Mom". One son captained the Rockhurst debate team, another son debated at Raytown, and a daughter who tried it at O'Hara. I never understood what I was supposed to don or how to judge. I was never given guidelines or instuctions. It was simply get up early on a Saturday morning and show up.

As I look back, I know there were teams I voted against because of my own lack of debate knowledge. Even worst, I'm sure my political leanings (to the left) affected my scoring.

About 6 or 7 years ago I played the role of Suzy's Mom in a round between Ray South and some other team. I voted for the "other team". I was told by my son that the bright black kid from South (Chris ??) had RARELY lost, was a debate superstar, and had already done an internship or something in DC for his future role in government. (My son also told me the kid was really pissed at me!)
This is what happens when Suzy's Mom judges.

I voted for Alvin Brooks, so you and I disagree on one thing, but Groundhog Day, Sam Cook, and Graham Greene are at the top of our lists.

You caused me to google Marcus and read about his political problems at UMKC. I'm starving to learn what has happened with the other kids I grew to love and respect.

You taught me so much about Kansas City. I moved here from San Francisco in '72 so only heard about the racial turmoil of the previous years from bigoted in-laws. And I'll never driven 71 through the city again without thinking of the irony of Bruce Watkins' opposition.

Thank you for opening my eyes to debate, Kansas City, and a teacher like Jane Rinehart. And I hope when you sign the movie deal that's inevitable, part of the money goes to Central.

In awe, Deidre Sexton