Sunday, September 30, 2007

alright, already

I've been getting a lot of complaints because I haven't posted in over two weeks. Sorry, just been sort of busy.

So here's a whirlwind update...

I've been juggling a bunch of stuff at work, one of which was a speech the Mayor delivered on Thursday to the National Conference of Editorial Writers. It got some pretty good attention.

I'm still on track with the marathon training. Last weekend I ran 9 miles. Next weekend I'll run 10.5. And on October 20 I'll run the Kansas City half marathon. It's been going great. I'm actually getting faster, without even trying. Like, I feel like I'm running just as slow as when I started, but I'm moving a good two-minutes-a-mile faster.

The paperback comes out next week.

Allie and I got deluxe digital cable, complete with the full HBO package. We immediately got hooked on Tell Me You Love Me. More on that later...

And this weekend Allie and I finished painting the bedroom. We painted the walls a deep purple a year or so ago, but we painted the ceiling a gross fleshy color that we didn't like, and we never got around to the trim. So we finally knuckled down and redid the ceiling in light blue, and the trim in a really bright blue. Ultimately the room will be filled with all kinds of patterns and colors and knick knacks and such -- what Allie calls "cheap Bohemian hotel." For now, here are some pix, in which the flash ultra-electifies the electric blue.







Joel said...

Actually, the paint job very much reminds me of ... a cheap bohemian motel I stayed at in LA once. Go figure.

ben said...

how to annoy runners