Sunday, October 14, 2007

chiefs game

Allie and I are not big sports fans. We arrived late to today's game and left early. It was fun, though.

Allie doesn't really know anything about football, so I explained a lot of the rules to her. She was amazed at how complicated it is. I hadn't really thought about it before, but it is kind of amazing. How is it that I know all this stuff, even though I hardly watch the game? I kept thinking that if Americans knew as much about civics as they do about football, the republic would be so much stronger. I couldn't help imagining government events being so popular. Like, wouldn't it be great if city council meetings were in Arrowhead Stadium, and the place was packed with crazed fans who would erupt in applause when a good ordinance passes or a bad one fails?

I've long thought that society would be a lot better if the news section of the morning paper were as lively and interesting as the sports section.

Give them bread and circuses.

Anyway, the highlights for us were Domata Peko's hair and the wave that got going in the fourth quarter. Seriously, Peko's hair is totally wild.

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