Sunday, October 28, 2007

good bye squirrel

Allie and I were walking the dogs last week. Suddenly, Allie started screaming. I looked down and Maddie was about to chomp on a squirrel. I yanked her back.

The squirrel tried to climb up a tree but it couldn't even get past a gnarl of root. It clawed at the bark to get a good grip but it had lost all its strength. It stumbled back onto its haunches and breathed heavily.

I looked at the squirrel and it looked back at me. It seemed to be in shock, and baffled by its inability to do basic squirrel stuff, like climb a tree. I could see it labor with each breath. I knew it was going to die.

Allie told me to take the dogs home so she could examine it. Later she came home and then returned to the squirrel with a box, a soft towel and a hot water bottle. But then she came back a few minutes later. The squirrel was dead, she said.

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