Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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I'm in Allie's hometown. We drove here, which I'm reluctant to do again. Looooooong. And Ohio is a fascist state, when it comes to highway control. The speed limit is 65, and they pack the borders with troopers so everyone is scared straight when the cross over from Indiana and see fellow fast travelers pulled to the side with flashing lights behind them. For the entire rest of the trip we obediently slow-poked along with everyone else. It felt like being on a conveyer belt in an cloud-covered Orwell world.

Allie's folks are in the process of remodeling. Their new, open-layout kitchen makes it seem like they have a new house. That's good because tomorrow I'll be able to eat the benefits. Right now the women are off at the food museum, ogling the collection.

I went for a little run today, the first after going 17 miles on Sunday. Felt a little tight and heavy-legged, and my heart rate was a little bit higher, so I guess I'm still in recuperation mode.

There's a Turkey Trot tomorrow in Erie, PA, which is about an hour away. Allie and I are thinking of heading over there to check it out. It's on an island on the coast of Lake Erie, so it should be quite pretty. I'm tempted to run the 10k, though I'm not scheduled to run long until Sunday. I think if I go real slow and don't let my pride get the best of me, I'll be OK.

The pictures from the Tulsa race are online. Looks just like the ones from the KC run. Except the first one, where they happened to catch me during a wallk break. In it I look like I'm pretty warn out. But I'll have you know that by the end of the race I completely smoked that perky/chipper woman who's smiling in the picture beside me. I kept trading places with her from mile 6 to 12. But when I decided to kick it in, she was toast!

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