Friday, November 16, 2007

Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon

Tomorrow I'll be heading south for the Tulsa World Route 66 Half Marathon.

The plan is to actually run 17 miles.

This could work out perfectly.

The marathon will begin an hour before the half marathon, and they start along the same course -- which begins with a 3.5 loop that swings back by the starting line. So my plan is to sneak in with the marathoners, run the 3.5, jog for another half mile, and then line up for the half marathon.

Should work, unless they spot my in the marathon crowd and go all fascistic on me. Could happen, but I doubt it.

Regardless, I think it'll be fun -- if painful. This is a fairly large jump in mileage. For the last few months, I've been adding 1.5 to my long run every other week. Now I start adding three miles every third week. I know it'll be painful, because the 14 miler two weeks ago got real tough at the end (in part because it was a hellishly hilly course).

In other news, I've decided to run the Carlsbad California Marathon in January. (This in addition to Austin, because my training program calls for running a marathon before the marathon.) More on that later...

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