Thursday, January 03, 2008

the wire

The fifth and final season of The Wire begins this Sunday. It's the best TV show ever made.

The first season told the story of a police wiretap operation on an inner-city drug ring. The theme was about operational power structures. The series brilliantly revealed the similar hierarchies in the drug operation and the police force.

The subsequent seasons have broadened in scope. The second encompassed international smuggling, and it conveyed a message about the death of the working class. The third went into political corruption, and the myth of reform. The fourth examined the education system, both in school and on the streets.

For this final go around, they're taking on journalism.

They have a handful of new characters this year, all employed at the Baltimore Sun, the most amazing of which is the city editor. I am blown away by how realistic this character is. He reminds me of my old city editor in Lawrence, only better (wich is saying a lot).

I mean, this character is so real, Allie and I both felt waves of dread when he stood up from his cube and yelled, "Alright people! It's 2 o'clock. Budget time! There are a million stories in the city of broken dreams. I only need three or four from you mooks!"

I could go on and on about how good this show is. And someday maybe I will. But for now suffice to say that I'm pleased to be in a new season.

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Heidi said...

My roommate back home has been watching this on DVDs and telling me about it. I can't wait to see it (starting w/ first season though...).