Saturday, February 16, 2008

away we go!

We're off this morning for Austin. Tomorrow from seven until about noon I'll be running the streets of that city with thousands of other people. Please send me your positive thoughts, especially between the hours of 10 and 12, as that'll likely be when I'll be struggling the most.

It appears as though the weather is going to be good. It's raining in Austin today, but it's supposed to clear up overnight. It'll be sunny, with low 40s at the start and low 60s by the end. That's about perfect for a race like this.

My folks will be meeting us there, and they're renting a car, so they'll be able to cruise around with Allie and catch me at various points to cheer me on. I'm kind of grateful for that. I think it's really going to help.

All in all, I feel pretty good about it. I took a 13 mile run last week that was pretty much pain free. But then my quads felt tight during a 3 miler midweek. So that spooked me a bit. But I think once I get going in the morning, among the crowd, with all the excitement of a new city, and all the bands, I'll be able to cruise along for quite a few miles before pain creeps in.

Stay tunes for the race report...


MAWG said...

Good luck!

Shicho said...

good luck!