Monday, February 25, 2008

it band

I'm still having some issues with my IT band. It didn't hurt at all when I was running yesterday. But throughout the day afterward it began hurting.

I did some hunting around on the Internets and I found some stretches and exercises for it. By days end it was feeling fine.


I sit in my zero-gravity chair for about 20 minutes and it starts hurting again.

I had noticed this before, that the pain would increase after sitting in the chair. But this time the causal relationship seems most obvious.

I'm completely perplexed. How could the so-called "Perfect Chair" be aggravating my knee?

I tried doing a search with iliotibial and zero-gravity chair but got nothing. And a couple of weeks ago I mentioned it to my sports med guy, and he didn't have a clue.


I'd hate to give up the chair, because it's perfect for my back.

Oh what a strange thing the human body is.

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