Thursday, March 20, 2008

bad news and back on the pig

First, the bad news: The movie deal is dead. There'll be no Cross-X on Lifetime Network. Not sure why it fell through, but it did, so there you go.

On the good side of things, I'm feeling better in the leg region and back to running. And now I'm thinking I might well do the Flying Pig. I saw my sports med guy and he said it should be alright. Plus I've been talking with some folks at running groups around town and I think I should be able to find running partners who do the walk/run thing at my pace. Some are actually training for the Pig. So that's making me excited.

Still deep into the budget at City Hall. We're down to the wire, and anything could happen in the last week. The City Manager is trying everything he can to get the council to not make cuts and to dig instead into the fund balance. This despite the city getting a serious warning from Moody's, which downgraded our credit outlook from "stable" to "negative." If we wind up actually get a rating downgrade, we'll have a hard time issuing bonds and then we'll really be fucked (pardon my French, Grandma, but it's the most succinct word). All that just to score a win. It's just plain goofy. I mean, it's bad enough that we're not going to add any money to street maintenance, nor fund the 20 new cops that folks were promised when they voted in a public safety sales tax, now the dark forces are pushing for us to keep skating on very thin ice.

All that's probably a little too insidery for you, I know. Suffice it to say we're in bad shape financially, and we've got an unfireable City Manager who's working double time to make it worse. Typical KC, I suppose.

Looks as if spring might be back. For two days in a row now I've forgotten to take my jacket home from work. That's a good sign.

I planted asparagus last weekend. I told grandma and she said, wisely, "So you're planning to stay there a while, huh?"

HBO is running a miniseries on John Adams and it's great! Allie and I are totally into it. (Well, I am; Allie fell asleep last night, which is weird, because I'm usually the one who konks).

What else?

I'm going to get a ball chair for work. Some of my coworkers are a little hinky about the idea, but I believe it just might be the solution to many of my problems.

This weekend I plant peas. Next weekend lettuce, and the inside starters.

Random news. There you go.


Shicho said...

let's hope the case is overturned at the mo sup.crt.

to be honest with you, i have no inkling, absolutely none, as to why a 'win' -and i use that phrase as loosely and as ironicly as possible- is desirable to the council members, much less the city mngr. it is beyond 'goofy'...

Applecart T. said...

sorry about the movie. hollywood and crap does its own thing. let's be silly and group this, like all current US problems into "the housing and credit crisis" catch-all.

i have always wanted a ball chair, too. in addtion, there is a German ergo chair out there, more expensive, that looks rather like a comfy bar stool on a spring that is supposed to be excellent for the back and balance and legs. i may have the catalog page still in my file of "things to wish to afford someday," if you'd like me to get the actual name or maker.

"they" (you know, that vague entity one hears about when overhearing something on the radio when there's no chance to take notes) are developing desks with built-in exercise bikes and treadmills, too, for those of us like me who have always regretted the 100s of negative training hours spent at writing / officing.

joe said...

I saw that spring chair you're talking about. A little expensive, comparatively. But it looks pretty cool.

Dan said...

Congrats on a good result with the budget. I posted my views on it at my blog.