Wednesday, August 06, 2008

new yorker

A couple of years ago, my agent told me to forget about trying to write for the New Yorker. She said it's too clicky. You have to be a real insider to get a break with them. And besides, once you get in, they're a pain to work with.

So I stopped reading it. Sort of took the fun out of it.

But this week I'm going to have to buy a copy. They've got a long article about Ryan Hall.

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Applecart T. said...

I went to school with Pete! (He was grad. level at MU when I was there; had been one of the scholarship Princeton undergrads and was always admired by me). Great author (two books on China and such). Used to be cross-country runner himself (that's probably in the article that I didn't read yet). He joined Peace Corps in China, wrote for the China bureau of the Wall Street Journal, did the books and now this. Thanks for the tip!

(I never read New Yorker either, but mostly because it confuses me with it's insider-ness and NY references.)