Wednesday, December 24, 2008

acquired memories

One of the best parts of being married is visiting her family and hearing their stories about her. Like the punched hole in the wall and the guinea pig essay (which I've read; it's fantastic) and the crush on the mulleted heart throb. She's so embarrassed but I adore her all the more and feel lucky.

I tell them my favorite picture is the one with her in the new suit of clothes, all bright colored, even the socks. And she's posed just so and smiling, proud as can be. She can't stand it, of course. Wouldn't be caught dead in the get-up today, much less the hair, but it makes me so proud of her.

And lastly, there's her senior picture in the room where we're sleeping. She has the quintessential 90s hair, straight bangs and long flowing perm, but not super puffed out like in the 80s. She's so beautiful and I'm amazed because there's no way she would've been with me the way I was back then. But times change and it's so good they do.

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Col. Hector Bravado said...

Beautiful post.