Sunday, December 14, 2008

best story

Last summer, Allie and I went to Lucas, Kansas, to celebrate my birthday. I'd first visited the town in the mid-1990s, after I graduated from college, on a road trip with my buddy Roger. Back then, the only attraction was The Garden of Eden and the bologna shop. Since then, it's become a grassroots art Mecca. For years I've wanted to go back.

While we were there, the Grassroots Art Center was hosting an art contest and we decided to enter. We spent a lot of the weekend working on our art, and we had a blast doing it.

And we'd pretty much forgotten about it until yesterday when we received in the mail two awards for "Best Story."

From kansas city soil

Their made from TP rolls!

And we also got certificates granting us lifetime privileges at Bowl Plaza:

From kansas city soil

Our entry, The Real Original Sin (scroll down and check out #5), got $40 at the silent auction, with proceeds going toward the previously mentioned civic amenity.

To say we're proud would be an understatement!

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