Wednesday, February 11, 2009

holy blog

Got a note from a friend today saying she'd mistyped the url to this blog and wound up here. What's up with that?

Gives me an excuse to post. Sorry I've been remiss. Been working on my proposal, and I finally finished what seems a decent draft. Also going to school and trying to figure out how to earn money.

I understand the President was in my hometown the other day. Too bad my grandpa isn't still editing the paper. He woulda liked that, I think.


MAWG said...

Same thing happened with my blogpsot. Creepy. I missed the Pres. I think Gramps would have liked it - though the current generation was tweeting about it @ ElkhartTruth #obamaelkhart

I'm not saying he wouldn't have been a tweeter - its just a little hard to imagine. sigh - more tech support.

Congrats on the draft. I'm curious...

Applecart T. said...

i don't have time (yes, i do, but i shouldn't and don't : ) to look up the whole world of blogsopt or blgospot or other variations … ridiculous that anyone would be silly-hide-y about not just choosing their own dang address that people can find on purpose … i hate trickery … esp. for religious purposes.

like those tedious fake dollar bills that people drop … the ones with "oh, greedy soul, you're going to hell, bible this and that, etc" on the back.

jaymills said...

Hi Joe. Just dropping by to say that I finished re-reading Cross-X recently. After the first time I read it I was inspired to become a high school debate coach. It has been one of the most fulfilling activities of my life. Thanks for inspiring me. I understood a lot more of the jargon and concepts when I re-read the book.