Friday, March 27, 2009

life begins in my basement

Every year when I plant seeds I do so thinking there is no way in hell they're going to grow. It just doesn't make any sense. Seeds are just these little things, and dirt is dirt, water's water. Doesn't add up in my head to peppers and tomatoes.

But, every year, I'm proven wrong. This thing to the left is a little sprout of pepper proof.


Pete Miller said...

I think the peppers start looks better than the beard. Just my opinion. But makes me think it's good I don't grow a beard again. Pete

MAWG said...

Life is a Miracle. Wendall Berry wrote a book with that title. I have peppers coming up and turning towards the sun. And basil. And cilantro. Tomatoes going in today. Maybe spinach outside! Rhubarb is already up with cute, wrinkly 4" leaves that remind me of a newborn baby.