Tuesday, April 28, 2009

be1 kansas city report

I had the Be1KC event last night. It was cold and raining, so not many people showed up. In fact, none of the official-type people I invited made it.

But there were a couple of people who wanted to help kids, so I'm going to help them get in touch with folks who can help them do that.

The main result is that I'm going to step up my involvement. The president of our neighborhood association showed up, and he said some of the high school administrators have reached out to them. So I made a commitment to be the neighborhood's liaison with the school. I'm going to get in touch with folks there, and stay in touch with them, so I can keep abreast of stuff that's happening there. That way when there's an activity neighborhood folks can help out with, I can try to round people up.

It's a little bit. But every little bit helps.


elBryan said...

Like I said before, I wish I could have made it, but I guess I showed up right after you left. By the end of this school year, my schedule should be a lot more open, and I am absolutely going to fit two hours for LSENC into my weekly schedule.

Chuck said...

You know what I like best about you, Joe? You really are a decent cat, a hero of sorts, going against the grain and suffering for it in the pursuit of some higher cause.

I missed both Meadowlands shows, but my local pub was filled with Deadheads and the jukebox played nothing but Dead. It was kind of cool. We are everywhere, right?