Monday, July 20, 2009

big music weekend

Caught two shows at the Uptown this weekend. Sonic Youth on Saturday night and Neko Case on Sunday. I've never seen a real concert there (I can't count the three songs of a Schwag show I saw there a few months back). Great venue. Real easy to get good spots. On Saturday, my cousin Jake and I showed up about 45 minutes before the doors open and we snagged spots right against the stage. Last night Allie and I arrive right after the doors open and we wound up about three rows back.

They were both terrific. At Sonic Youth there was a guy to our right and told everyone around that he'd eaten a bunch of mushrooms and he was really feeling good vibes from everyone. I smiled and told him, "Yep, we're all riding the expressway to yr skull."

Then he proceeded to talk for a long time to the beefy security guard. He took down a phone number to find out about getting a job.

When the band got cooking, he leaned over the guard rails and waved his hands around in the air like some Deadhead at a Dead concert. At one point he yelled, "That's so cosmic. I'm in another universe!"

I wanted to yell, "I'm on earth!" But the band started up another song.

Neko is totally awesome. Was. Is. What a great show. She and her back-up singer said lots of funny things between songs, and they sang real pretty.

The highlight for everyone, I'm sure, was when they ended the show with "Train from Kansas City."

Allie and I both bought t-shirts. I got one with a picture of a deer and Allie got the one with the killer wale dressed up like a hunter, complete with shot gun and can o beer.

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S.T. Vockrodt said...

The Sonic Youth show was great. Seeing them play The Wonder/Hyperstation was a real treat.