Friday, July 31, 2009


Today Allie went to Home Depot to buy some polyurethane for a floor project. We're going to decorate a bathroom floor stenciled patterns of paint.

She wanted to make sure she was getting the right kind, so she tracked down one of the people in the orange aprons. The one she found had a big beard and looked like the kind of guy who rides a Harley. She told him what she had in mind.

"What are you gonna stencil on the floor?" he asked. "Some little guns and knives, and maybe write 'Leave Your Guns and Knives at the Door?'"

Allie laughed and said: "That's an idea I hadn't thought of. But no, just some flowers."

He chuckled to himself and said, "Imagine hand-to-hand combat with flowers." He did a hand-to-hand combat motion with his hand.

Allie said, "Okay, well, thank you for your help!" and started to walk away.

As she left he asked her, "Do you know how to make fried chicken?"

"No," Allie said, of course.

And he winked at her.


Applecart T. said...

completely random! like Internet dating! and you saw the whole thing … funny. i get "YES!" vibes from HD workers, too. i think it's what they ended up with after "everyone complains that HD workers are rude and ignorant when answering questions … if they don't just avoid eye contact and ignore your voice."

: )

elBryan said...

All of those lines usually work for me. Apparently The Home Depot is the destination for cheap cash labor AND awkward first dates that require YOU to cook. Mmm... fried chicken.