Sunday, November 01, 2009


I've going to bring this blog back to life one more time.

Partly because someone posted a comment last week asking my to write more here. Partly because my grandma isn't on Facebook. But mostly because I have an idea of what to write about: writing.

For the next several months (or weeks or days or years, however long I can keep it up), I'm going to post about my experiences as I write a novel, teach college composition to freshmen, work my way through a graduate writing program, etc. -- whatever I'm going through that I feel like sharing and writing about.

I'm also going to take the opportunity to look back over my career. I'm going to dust off some of my earliest stories, scan and post them so I can pick them apart to find stuff I did wrong or stuff I accidentally did right. I'm gonna post the proposals that didn't sell, and the one that did--including the early drafts, just to look at how it came together. I might even post some winning proposals my friends have written, if they'll let me. And I'll tell some of the stories about how I got into writing -- the first paying jobs, how I got an agent and published a book, and so on.


Bunch of reasons. Some good. Some vain. Doesn't really matter. If you want to follow along, by all means, make yourself at home. If you don't, don't.

(Oh yeah, I think I might even wrap up the 80s series with a couple quick posts about my Deadhead days.)

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