Monday, April 04, 2005

done, for now


What a strange year.

I can definitely relate to all the writers who say that writing a book is agonizing. I definitely had moments of extreme doubt and pain. But I also had moments where I was like, Good lord! Is it supposed to be this easy?

Looking back, it seems as though I didn't work very hard at all. Most days I only put in a couple of hours. And there were, I'm ashamed to say, long stretches where I didn't work at all (actually, these were the times when I felt most miserable).

But the numbers don't lie. I was working.

Pages: 630
Words: 182,043
Characters (no spaces): 859,158
Characters (with spaces): 1,041,027
Paragraphs: 3,360
Line: 14,117

That's like 37 Pitch cover stories. In a year.

Ok. I know I'm bragging. But wouldn't you? I feel ecstatic!

Of course, the real agony is yet to come. When the editor sends it back all covered with red ink.

At least I hope. I want to be worked hard. I want this book to freakin' rock!

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