Saturday, May 07, 2005


The other night, my woman and I caught an episode of South Park that was just brilliant. Kenny, the kid in the hooded coat whoo dies almost every episode, got a new PSP game player annd became a master at some battle-between-heaven-and-hell game. Then he got hit by a truck while he was playing it.

Turns out his death was divinely orchestrated; Satan's army was planning an assault on heaven, and God created the video game to find a military master among the mortals. When one was found -- Kenny -- he was promptly killed and delivered to heaven to save all that is righteous.

But... Kenny was revived back on earth. Brain dead, but still alive thanks to a feeding tube.

From there it became a battle between right-to-die liberals, who were unwittingly carrying out God's will, and the Christian right, who were playing right into Satan's hands.

It was satire of the highest order.

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