Tuesday, May 03, 2005

central high constitution

Student government is defined as a school organization that can create and uphold a Constitution of the student body.

As of now, April 14, 2005, students at Central High School are denied basic rights as students and, more importantly, as human beings.

We, the Unified Student Body, advocate the construction of a Student Constitution that gives us the ability to advocate for ourselves in matters of our education.

The Constitution will allow for the establishment of a student court, a structured legislator system that acts on the behalf of the student body's defense and safety, and a balance between the staff and students' interests.

We hold the best interests of both the student body and staff in the highest regard, and in reality only aim to ciphon off some of the power and responsibility of our totalitarian school administration.

Student government will focus only on the rights and needs of our students, and will have as little to do with recreational activities sponsored by the school as is possible.

We the Unified Student Body have been instilled with the belief that respect is a two-way street, and onyone who disregards this ultimatum is hindering a meands of upholding this basic principle.

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