Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I found this description of Central High on a Xanga site:
teachers threaten your families safety to get you on the debate team, and the scariest person in the building is a 5 foot red-headed white woman with a knack for making you feel like less of a man. also there're like 26 people with the nickname toot. and 90 percent of the female population have 'esha' or 'aunda' or 'shaun' at the end of there name. every other female has slept with [BLANK BLANK]. they confiscate cell phones but let people with knives run rampant. only thirteen percent of the enrolled students show up on any given day, and half of the ones that do are late the other half are leaving early. prison is a guarantee for 7 of the 14 people who graduated last year. a dog comes in through the front door and chases a four foot 5 inch girl around the building, twice. the nerds can't spell their own names and can beat the sh- out of any given member of the surrounding suburban schools. everybody wants to be a lawyer and graduate from CMSU. nobody actually graduates from CMSU... i can't think of anything else... lata nigga!

Cross-X by Joe Miller

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