Monday, March 27, 2006

black and white and (not) read

This might be a bad sign:

Yesterday I attended the 9 am service at one of the largest churches in the KC metro area. There were perhaps 2,000 people in attendance. The demographics might have been a little skewed -- not a perfect representation of KC's population. But it was a diverse group nonetheless: a little more than half black, 30 or 40 percent white and the rest Hispanic and Asian. I'd say they were mostly middle class, with some very poor people mixed in, and probably a few you could classify as very rich.

Anyway, midway through the service the pastor asked who had read an article in Saturday's Star which quoted a couple of the church's pastors.

Three people raised their hands.


Out of 2,000.


Tony said...

Sounds like you were in a crowd of readers. Har. That number seems high to me but I hear people are reading more nowadays. It also does not bode well for the Star's new owners.

trAcy said...

hey, could you, like, send that in as a testimonial we can use for marketing? heh heh. . . : )