Monday, March 27, 2006

easy choice

The Star ran a helpful article yesterday about the stadium tax referendum. Money quote:
The Royals have lost 100-plus games three out of four years, so what city would embrace them like Kansas City?

Yeah. Good old Kansas City. Where even losers can snarf at the trough.

It occurred to me as I was reading this that our so-called leaders handle money in exactly the way personal finance experts tell us not to.

Like, they're compulsive debtors. They're those pitiable folks who are bound for bankruptcy. The ones who'll have to suffer through old age on a Social Security check.

Seriously. The article says that if this referendum goes down then they could just turn around and ask for a smaller amount -- which is all they're obligated to provide.

So it's like, "Well, I need to have the sink fixed. It's gonna cost $100. But, since I'm going to put it on my credit card anyway, I might as well apply for two new cards and completely rehab the whole kitchen for six grand!"

Yeah. That's smart.

It's also smart the way the dolts pushing this stupid idea are constantly saying it's a $450 million plan. Well, that's not counting interest. This new sales tax is going to raise $800 million over the next 25 years -- nearly half going to to rich, fat, white male bankers in places like New York and Charlotte, North Carolina.

And it seems all the smarter when you couple this with the article last week about how we have a vintage 19th century sewer system (and, no, sewers are not collectable antiques). It's going to cost BILLIONS to un-vintage-ify. And why, pray tell, has this problem not been dealt with? Because our leaders have been on a 30-year shopping binge. Bartle Hall. Kemper Arena. Flush Creek. The new arena. Many, many TIF projects.

It's like a closet full of expensive shoes in a house that's about to fall apart.

If our local leaders were a person. A friend. An aquaintance. Whatever. We'd think they were sick. We'd be talking to mutual friends. We'd be getting together to stage an intervention.

Well, now's our opportunity. On April 4 we can tell them it's time to stop the insanity

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trAcy said...

Re: Sewers

Did you catch the line in Lynn Horsley's (Star) article (March 24) about the city's 2006-07 budget? There was cheering about how neighborhood services, chopped all these years, are beginning to be re-funded.


"While the budget does not contain a general tax increase, it does call for 6 percent increases in both water and sewer rates, which will cost the average residential customer about $20 more per year."

$20. . . when Save Our Stadiums says Question 1 would cost every Jackson County resident (babies, too?) $18 a year. . . .