Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Meth

Yesterday I asked Geoffery, "Why don't blacks use meth?"

"Because that's a white drug."

"I know. That's why I'm asking."

"Black folks like to know where they are when they get high. That shit's too radical."

"But black people smoke wet."

"And meth's too expensive. We're poor. That's why we smoke crack."

"But meth is cheap. Poor white folks use it."

"Yeah, but that stuff's full of chemicals. It ain't natural."

"And crack is?"

"Joe, crack is cocaine. At least you know where it comes from. And it's too hard to cook it up. You gotta cook that meth shit up in your kitchen, and it'll blow your face off."

"Wait a minute. Are you saying some dumb white biker dude can figure out how to do it, but black folks can't?"

"No Joe! That dumb biker dude get's his face blown off. That's what I'm saying."

I still don't get it. Not that I want blacks to start taking meth. I just don't understand how a cheap street drug can be so -- I don't know -- divided by race.

(For the record: Geoffery doesn't smoke crack; the "we" was a solidarity thing, I think.)

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trAcy said...

did you notice that last week's pitch (the 'boss bitch'column) had a mention of the 'blacks don't do meth' thing?

drug use is a matter of culture: you use what your friends/acquaintences use / what you can get your hands on.