Friday, May 12, 2006

foreign objects

I had a layover in Detroit, so I paused at Caribou Coffee for a breakfast of two delicious muffins. If I am not mistaken, Caribou Coffee is owned by Muslim foreigners. One of the muffins had maple syrup frosting. The young lady behind the counter heralded my choice of this particular variety.

As I sat there eating, gazing blearily across the busy concourse, a man said, over and over again, if "a stranger approaches you about carrying a foreign object, contact an airline representative or the airport police immediately." And I thought that this is a regulation that I would very much like to induce people to disobey.

It would please me greatly to one day walk through this airport pushing a cart full of imports. How joyous it would be to stop a weary travelor then hand them a giant sombrero or a gorgeous silk rug.

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