Friday, May 12, 2006

the truth is out there

Last month, Curb Girl wrote a poignant post about a supposedly anti-pot billboard on Troost that reads more like an ad for pot. I commented that I thought it was a conspiracy by The Man to get inner-city kids hooked on weed.

Well, now I'm 95 percent sure I know the real church. According to my very reliable sources, the slogan was devised by inner-city teens, one of whom is a debater who I know fairly well. She's a cool kid -- she won a recent slam poetry contest -- but she's definitely not a smoker. In fact, she's a church-going type, which is totally cool, in my book.

But the thing is, while she's the kind of person who would be moved by an ad warning that a drug would make you not care, she's also the kind of person who would never take the drug anyway.

I'm gonna have to razz her about these ads. Curb Girl aren't the only ones in town who've noticed the unintended message of the ads. It's kind of the talk of the neighborhood, near as I can tell.

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trAcy said...

aww, poor kids. i hate to find out that i'm making fun of a younger-than-me person. i'm sure she was thinking it made non-contradictory sense. not everyone notices "puns," you know.

well, good detective/reporting work. cool.