Tuesday, May 02, 2006

garden document

I don't know what this plant is. I can't figure out if it came from a little plant I bought at a nursery I bought last year or from a pack of seeds I scattered. I did both in this spot, I think. Regardless, it has exploded into a fury of pink and green. I think it's quite lovely. But I fear I'm not a good steward of it. Will it consume everything? Is this how it all ends? Are we to be overtaken by pretty flowers?

For a springtime State-Of-My-Garden report, click on the photo above.


Anonymous said...

Joe, I think that's alyssum. Purple alyssum.

joe said...

Good call. But I think it's actually "trift." Also known as creeping phlox. George named it over on my flickr page.

pomegranate said...

I so love the report! The photos are so great. I love hearing about the things you're growing. It makes me feel good.

My neighbors have some creeping phlox like that and it's great. It spills all around this huge tree. When I was a kid my mom planted that on our pond dam and it just sort of cascaded down all over at random places. The plants make me sentimental.

pomegranate said...

I forgot to say that I want to dogsit your neighbor's dog! ha.