Tuesday, May 02, 2006

more great headlines

Here's a selection of headlines/links from across the Knight-Ridder universe. Each of these cryptic sentences and phrases represent the sum total of information provided about the articles they link to. Worse, they're lumped in with every other article in a long, boring list of links. There aren't even category subheds to offer some clues about them, to help readers zero in on the information they're looking for.

Restaurants donate Tuesday

A lovely day

Resolved to stay

Biocube becomes a vexing hexahedron

Board votes to appeal

Split forces county out of tax bill

Attorney wants vigil held

Circle of life comes to fore

Just what the patient ordered

No time to rest -- she lives to help

Get involved, May 2

Turn it in

Days Gone By

One positive note: I'm beginning to see some variety among Knight-Ridder websites. Not a lot. But the individual papers do seem to have a bit of latitude with their presentation on the Internet. A couple of news organizations actually have designs that depart completely from the Knight-Ridder model, and at least one is actually quite good -- The Idaho Statesman. I'll look a little more closely at those in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

Only a short while ago, the Statesman was a Gannett paper, I think. At least it was when I lived in Idaho.

Brad said...

I've been following your rant about Knight Ridder websites. Keep it up. Although the Seattle Times is merely 49% K-R owned, I thought you would enjoy this recent headline.