Friday, May 19, 2006

good news

Lately, this blog has become is my primary means of keeping my farflung friends and family informed of what's going on in my life. Most often this means dispatches about mundane things and an odd rant or two. But things are really starting to heat up with my book, so I'm probably going to be posting a lot of info about the ins and outs of bringing a book to market.

I guess that's all well and good, and to be expected, and it might even be interesting to a stranger or two, bla bla bla.

But there's a dark side: I worry that folks will think I'm putting on airs.

So I guess I'm in a bit of a pickle. I want to share every trial and triumph with my loved ones, but I don't want to grandstand.

So, with that disclaimer, I announce that I will be receiving a Starred review in this week's Publisher's Weekly. Apparently this is a big deal.

This article explains:
a "starred" review in PW still increases a book's chance of getting media coverage and showing up in your neighborhood bookstore

(in the end, I guess, it like, screw it -- it's my blog. If I can weep here, I sure as hell oughta be able to holler.)


j.d. said...

I thought that was the whole purpose of a blog -- self-aggrandizement.

At least, that's what a Journal-World website commenter thought was the purpose of my blog. (It's okay, I thought that too.)

Joel said...

Woo! Congrats Joe!

This, of course, compromises my objectivity in writing about you and your book for the J-W. But I'm so darned proud...

heidi said...

It is your blog, so do what you like! You have reason to be proud and happy about this. Can't wait to read the book.

Aunt Lora said...

I CANNOT WAIT to read the book! And, to buy copies for all my friends!!

pomegranate said...

For real.. I echo those sentiments! We're really proud of you.

ginak said...

congrats on all this. having written a book is already cool on its own, and good reviews on top of that make it all the more exciting.

i modeled for a book that was recently listed on amazon, and haven't heard for sure whether my pic is included, but it probably is... not exactly how i had envisioned my first (hopefully not last) contribution to literature... but i'll take what i can get!