Monday, May 22, 2006

first review

The PW review came out. You can read the full text of it on Amazon. The verdict:
For anyone who thinks of high school debate and envisions nerdy teens, the story of the Kansas City Central debate squad will be eye-opening... Lively and engrossing.


Roldy said...

The book sounds just fantastic. I look forward to reading it.

Did you ever shoot any video of the debate squad, or consider asking them to participate in a documentary?

trAcy said...

lively and engrossing is good.
this is fun to be vicarious about.
see, with my language skills, it's the closest i can get. : )

joe said...

For a while I thought about doing it all as a documentary before I realized it would be better to write, since that's what I do for a living.

And Tracy, you've got mad skills.

Roldy said...

It sounds like you made a sensible decision!

Dan said...

Joe - the email address on your blog profile doesn't work, and I wanted to invite you to promote your book at a Rotary meeting. Please email me at