Thursday, May 18, 2006

on the beat

Yael Abouhalkah has been doing a great job lately punching the mayor and her cronies in the face with cold hard facts about what shitty money managers they are. And I mean that sincerely, even though I won't seem so sincere after I write this:

I wrote about this shit more than two years ago.

That's cool though. People actually pay attention to the Star. My little article had absolutely zero impact.

(That was back in the day, before Pitch ... stories spurred government action.)

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Anonymous said...

You weren't the only one to warn the Council about this -I know for a fact it was brought to the attention to the Council, with specific figures and estimates showing using the annual maintenance fund to pay debt service would leave the City in worse shape than not bonding at all. Steve Glorioso attacked those figures as faulty and emailed all the Council that it wouldn't happen this way. We now see how it turned out, and per usual, Glorioso won't be held accountable.