Thursday, May 18, 2006


I'd pretty much written off the MySpace. Then I get this message:

I dont expect you will remember me, but when I was a freshman at Smoky Hill, you were a senior, not only did you get some jocks off my back (I was a little punker who had just moved from NY), but you turned me on to early Pink Floyd, just wanted to say thanks. I have been running since 1997 and in essence, because of you. Looks like you're doing well, which is great, keep on truckin!


Totally made my day. And it isn't even six in the morning.

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~sheri said...

I've run into a couple people from the past through it, but most of my friends on myspace are dead movie stars.

That's completely awesome, Joe. What a great message to get ... you really made a difference in this person's life.