Monday, June 19, 2006

various updates

A book tour of sorts is shaping up.

As of now, I'm slated to headline The Big Read in St. Louis on October 7. I'll be on the main stage, apparently, in the five o'clock (culminating) slot. I'm told C-SPAN will be there. This might well be my first reading ever, so I'm feeling more than a little nervous.

At the moment, my Kansas City debut will be the morning of October 20 at the Rotary Club meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Plaza. On November 1, I'll be at the Tattered Cover in Denver, and on November 7, I'll give another, more public and publicized reading in Kansas City for Rainy Day Books.

There might be a few more. We're shooting for something in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in late October and Chicago on the weekend before Thanksgiving, followed by something in my hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. Also, I'm hoping for a couple of events in Louisville, Kentucky, so that Ebony Rose can get down with the festivities.

Also, check out the July issue of Vibe. It contains a story I wrote about Jada Pinkett Smith's heavy metal band.


George said...

Joe, if you want to make a visit to the Charlotte, NC area as part of your tour, I'll gladly be your host, schedule permitting.

Glad to see the promotional stuff is shaping up!

Brad said...

Hmmm...I assume your west coast tour dates will appear in a later post. Congrats Joe!