Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the writing life

Last night I stumbled across a mention of my book on The Wombat File. So I e-mailed the author. I was curious to know how he got a copy.

He wrote back this morning.
So when I came across an ARC of Cross-X at work (I'm a features editor at Barnes &, even though I hadn't heard about it from the FS&G people yet I picked it up. I found the whole story quite riveting, and have basically recommended it to everyone I can think of. I've stuck it in front of the people at work who merchandise nonfiction (I don't), so hopefully it'll be more in their minds to give it visibility when it comes out.

When I told Allie this she jumped up and down excitedly.

Yet... I'm in agony. My aim is to write a first draft of my proposal for a second book by June 30 and I'm so freaking blocked I can't stand it. The other day I wrote down some of my fearful/resistent thoughts to try and get over them. Among them was: "My entire career, financial well-being and very life rides on this proposal."

Which isn't true, of course, but it sure feels like it is.

Such highs and lows. All in the span of a morning cup of coffee.


Brad said...

Count me in Allie's camp on this one, jumping up and down excitedly. Try it, Joe!

Evan said...

Maybe you need to stop drinking coffee.