Friday, August 11, 2006


Pit bulls are big news in Kansas City right now. Apparently some old woman got mauled so now area governments are clamoring to ban the breed. The logic is lost on Allie and I. We've yet to meet a pit bull that isn't sweet. Allie's friends are miffed too. One writes:
There seem to be two or three pit bull attacks on people every year in Kansas City, always leading to cries of outrage. But every day when I pick up the newspaper, I read story after story about brutal attacks, stabbings, bombings, cell phones down women's throats and rapes committed not by "dangerous" pit bulls, but by men. Maybe we should round them all up to be euthanized! (I'd be labeled as a man-hater, but it makes about as much sense as killing dogs that never did anything wrong.)


trAcy said...

pro-GOBO-ites everywhere are saying, "glad you're not a definable breed of growly."

Anonymous said...

joe, this is a pre-emptive strike. dogs want to bite us because they hate our freedom. we don't know which ones want to bite us, but we do know that canine fascists are out there and want to harm us.