Thursday, August 10, 2006

flying liquids

Allie and I are flying to Indiana tomorrow. Allie said twice today that she's a little scared, because of this big terrorist attack that was supposedly foiled in England.

I ain't scared.

Every time I get in my car and head off to Price Chopper for soy milk I run better odds of dying than by terrorist attack on a plane flying out of KCI.

Besides, I'm not sure yet if I believe that they really did foil an attack. Like, what's to stop them from making it all up just to look good and justify their budgets.

And, of course, there's the possibility that it's all a conspiracy just to keep us scared. Kind of like the never ending war in 1984.

I am a little miffed, though, that I won't be able to carry a water bottle on the plane. I wasn't necessarily planning to. But still.

I have this weird feeling they're going to keep prohibiting things on planes until we won't be allowed to bring anything. We'll have to buy new clothes everywhere we go, and then leave it all behind when we return. And we'll be sedated, straight-jacketed and stacked like logs in the cabin.

Yep. That's what's gonna happen. That's The Man's plan for all of us.


trAcy said...

remember in 2001. . .space travellers were sleepers, you know, to stay out of HAL's way.

flying rules are ridiculous. . .you can bring anything on a train. you can poison your baby, even, since they are allowing formula (provided you drink it), but the terrorists with the red kool-aid bombs had drinkable liquid at the top of the bottle, so. . .

and didn't they recently reallow lighters again?

mark said...

so when we're all stripped naked and stacked like logs in the planes, will first class passengers be the logs on top?

pomegranate said...

i totally think it was made up.