Saturday, September 16, 2006

down south

I'm on this antarctica kick lately.

If you check my blogroll, down at the bottom of the right sidebar, you'll notice I've added a few blogs from people living on the bottom of the world. I subscribe to all of them on the RSS feed.

Antarctica seems the closest we have to life on another planet.

I started out by reading Phil Jacobson's blog regularly. He's a dishwasher at McMurdo, which is apparently the closest thing to a city on the continent. All summer I've been reading about his trevails through a southern winter. The sun recently rose down there for the first time in months.

I guess I got caught up in Phil's enthusiasm for the sun, because I started hunting out more blogs from the ice cap. Let's see, there's:
  • A Brooklynite on the Ice

  • Antarctica!!!

  • Julius' Travels in the South

  • Dave Down South

  • Life in Antarctica

  • The cool thing is they all post pictures. It's a pretty land.

    I guess that's what makes blogging such a great development in the world of media. I can get a real sense of a place I might never visit. A truer sense than I'd get from a feature in any paper or magazine.

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